A bright eyed young man with a cub scout cap approached me one Saturday as I was coming out of Lowes close to where I live.

He had both hands filled with popcorn and cookies ready for a quick sale to any compassionate soul willing to support his cause.

I’m very familiar with the scene, in fact, I have been there having “coached” or better yet “coerced” my kids to get out and do the same for their teams.  Honestly, my first impression was to tell him, “no thanks”

But fortunately for this young entrepreneur, he had shrewd mother standing close by who said, “tell that gentleman, that we take donations too!”  Well I was “had” right there, so I took my seven bucks out and stuffed it in his jar and told him good luck

That’s fundraising.  Giving out of a sense of obligation towards a cause that you may or may not care about.  We have certainly all been there, done that and have the fundraising T shirt!

Conversely, “faith raising” has a radically different approach towards financing your vision.

Faith raising is investing in a world changing vision with an expectation of a God sized reward at the end. 

Faith raising is beyond the guilt of “donation obligation” where people invest with both vision and expectation into what God is up to in their local Church!

Every world changer knows this reality, people will give out of a sense of obligation or a sense of vision and expectation…so make your mind up today, don’t’ settle for a fundraiser when you can change people’s perspective forever by participating in a faith raising vision expansion campaign!