The Key To Effective Giving Is To Stay Open To Receiving

“If you give and then try to stop the receiving that comes back in, you’re like King Canute watching the tide roll out commanding it not to come back in” (The Go-Giver, Bob Burg and John David Mann, p. 107)

One of the most important principles of giving every ministry leader must embrace is: All giving starts with receiving!

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Stretch Beyond All Limitations

“One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions” Oliver Wendell Holmes

A Church I had a chance to work with in Atlanta recently closed on an 8-acre parcel of land for just over $360,000.00.  That may not be a big deal depending on where you live but the land was crucial for their vision expansion campaign and…

The same piece of property that the seller wanted over 1.3 Million for just two years ago!  What looked impossible two years earlier to the leadership team they were able to accomplish for seemingly no clear reason except that God showed the Church great favor!

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Fund Raising vs Faith Raising

A bright eyed young man with a cub scout cap approached me one Saturday as I was coming out of Lowes close to where I live.

He had both hands filled with popcorn and cookies ready for a quick sale to any compassionate soul willing to support his cause.

I’m very familiar with the scene, in fact, I have been there having “coached” or better yet “coerced” my kids to get out and do the same for their teams.  Honestly, my first impression was to tell him, “no thanks”

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Does God want something from me or does He have something for me?

Recently I caught an NFL films program where an opposing crowd was jeering T.O. (Terrell Owens).  Loving every minute of it, T.O. responded enthusiastically to the camera, “They still love to hate me!”

As a senior Pastor for several years leading a very generous Church (over three times the national average in giving per family) I was amazed that even in a generous congregation there are still people who “love to hate giving financially”!

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