You have a dream to change the world, we have a proven roadmap to help you get there!

Fulfilling your Church’s mission is expensive! 

Building a culture of generosity to reach your God-given mission does not happen by accident 

So, a well-crafted campaign should not only produce a culture of stewardship that allows the Church to fulfill its ever-growing vision, but it should act as a catalyst for families to live financially free!

How does this work?

The Vision Expansion Campaign Experience

Completing 50+ campaigns with Churches all over the Nation with Churches of every tribal flavor, experience has taught us how to maximize results, build stewards and minimize drama throughout the campaign process

Fully integrated coaching and training around designing your next capital expansion project.  We personally don’t like the term capital campaign and prefer a “Vision Expansion Campaign” instead. 

What does this include?

In order to execute this process, we customize with these tools and resources:

  • Analysis of your giving potential
  • Onsite consulting to fully integrate your campaign plans
  • Training of your key leaders, staff, and volunteers
  • Coaching around sermon series, stewardship talks, higher capacity giver meetings
  • Communication package, semi-custom designs to ensure your Church’s story is told in a clear, concise and compelling way
  • Tools, training templates and access to my mobile for questions and support
  • Follow up tools to ensure maximum results for your campaign experience

Plus, a semi-custom Vision Expansion design package included.  A $2500.00 Value!!

Case study #1: Brandon Beals, Canyon Creek, Mill Creek, Wa.

Worship Facilities Magazine featured Canyon Creek Church’s capital campaign, where the congregation raised two and half times their annual income in pledges and cash!

“The congregation of Canyon Creek, an Assemblies of God congregation in Lynwood, Washington, is predominately white collar, comprised largely of young families according to Pastor Brandon Beals. “And as a result, we have a group of people that are consistently tithing, but we don’t get a lot of huge checks.”  Working with the guidance of (Jon Bennet, campaign consultant), the growing church recently undertook a capital campaign to acquire property for a new home.  The effort lasted roughly one month-and grossed $1.5 million in pledges to be paid out over three years period.”

“Most of the time, Churches are advised to emphasize personal meetings during campaigns,” Beal says, “but we put about 75% of our efforts in creating a high-tech campaign that spoke to the culture of the Church.”

“This is going to be known as a Church that the entire congregation built…with no pledge over $50,000.00…and enabled us to raise 1.5 million, which gives us the assurance that we will probably fulfill 100% of what was pledged”