You have a dream to change the world, we have a proven roadmap to help you get there!

What would it look like to get up every day and truly feel like you are building a cause that brings real change??  Leading a “High Impact” ministry that has a heart for the people you serve and a mind to run like a highly profitable business!  We not only believe that kind of organization is possible…we know it is from personal experience!

Your non-profit can be transformed into a highly effective “For Impact” ministry that accomplishes its mission without losing your soul!!  In order to do that, you have to break through the growth barriers that are holding you and your ministry back.

What are the major growth barriers?

  • Passion without a clear growth plan; Unclear messaging; “shotgun” vision
  • Tired Fundraising programs; high turnover rate among development directors; lack of effective systems; not taking advantage of alternative revenue streams
  • “Friends and Family” board; no term limits; non-engaged board members
  • Unclear job descriptions; dysfunctional team culture; staff burnout
  • Leaders lack of personal growth; spiritual health; work-life balance

What does a healthy, functional ministry look like?

Organizations that are effective, succeed at building five crucial growth areas:


Clear Messaging and Model


Fully Funded Mindset and Strategy


Board Engagement


Systems and Processes


Leadership Development

How does this work?

This process is a one on one coaching experience for you as the leader as well as for your team.  It can include, leadership coaching, team development, board coaching and design, strategic assessment and planning.

This tailored experience will help you assess your organization’s health around 5 critical areas of growth: Communications and messaging; funding plans and systems; Engaged Board development; Leadership and volunteer development and recruitment and systems

Having coached hundreds of ministries all around the Nation, in different types, sizes, creeds and colors!  We have identified several key growth barriers to becoming a fully funded ministry.  Remove the barriers, become fully funded!  It’s that simple! 

What does our coaching include?



Onsite customized coaching around your unique ministry needs



Tools, templates and helpful resources in the five critical growth areas



Online video modules in the Ministry Mastery™ training series



Access to your coach

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